I am married to Jim Lewis, a Family Nurse Practitioner.
I am the mother of five children, and grandmother to (almost) fifteen grandchildren.
I grew up as a Southern California girl who left the state for college and subsequently lived in four other states--
     including Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation--before returning to California’s northern half where our family has
     lived for the past 30 years.

Although I have retired as owner of Jimbabwe Software Development & Design, I still administer the Solano Open Space website as part of my long-time advocacy and outreach for local open space. My current pastimes--photography, hiking, and kayaking--are all the result of my open space endeavors. I have now visited and photographed 35 Solano County open space locations!

I also enjoy writing, which these days tends toward the social-political. For a number of years, I had the opportunity to improve my technical writing and editing skills as I helped to draft reports for committees overseeing the preservation of open space. I also have edited content for client web pages.
I remember receiving a writing award in 4th Grade for a story I wrote called "The Secret of Grandma's Cookie Jar." No doubt the Nancy Drew books I loved to read at the time influenced the title choice.

One night a couple of years later, my mother came in and woke me up to tell me that I had won an essay writing contest sponsored by my Released-Time Christian Education class. I recall that I was rather distraught, because (although I didn't know the term in those days) I knew I had BS'd my way through the writing exercise, and now my reward / punishment was to read the essay in public. Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of the essay. But I do have proof that I attended the awards dinner and ceremony--a picture that appeared in the local newspaper (The Santa Ana / Orange County Register). That's me on the bottom right with the cool glasses.
Several years ago, I made a small return to creative writing with a children's book called Davy's Dream. My son Geoffrey Lewis--when he wasn't at his day job as a Chinese linguist for the Air Force--helped me with the illustrations. I did the original line drawings and he did all the neat stuff. Below is a sampling of the illustrations.

2012 Update: I am now published! An
essay of mine, "Social Welfare Programs: The Gospel in Action," was printed in the Fall 2012 Edition of Exponent II magazine.

Title page

Davy and his cat

Davy in bed

Davy's Dreamland